In the editorial note to Counter-Signals #2 published by Other Forms dedicated to Seth Siegelaub’s archival communist project, Jack Henrie Fisher writes, “This issue of Counter-Signals emphatically renews Siegelaub’s archival project, while at the same time re-articulating its political horizon. That is, instead of attempting to heroically overcome (or pedantically correct) those conditions of disorganization or indeterminacy which Siegelaub so vividly noted in his footnote, Counter-Signals affirms these conditions as salient qualities — mutable, autonomous, unstable — of the ongoing project of a self-reflexive communist media form.” Writing as unstable as archival project. Publication and distribution as archival project.

GENERAL ANTAGONISM in this vein is a sustained practice of writing that also sees writing as coextensive with thinking. Or as André Aciman puts it, “You write not after you’ve thought things through; you write to think things through.” And so in my writing you will find here my thinking around various thoughts, ideas, objects, and socialities in various forms. As this project continues, hopefully there will be more collaborative efforts, interviews, and other forms of thinking to come.

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