GENERAL ANTAGONISM is a small press, a reading series, and a substack. Working within the presumption that alternative modalities can be sought out in the otherwise and otherhow that come from artistic practice, GA looks for these moments in the literary and theoretical; the fantastical and mundane. In its three-pronged approach of book publishing, spoken word, and the free distribution of ideas, GA seeks in the local what often gets left out in the grand. Through conversation, questioning, failure, and process we seek not a perfection, but an antagonism which will lead us towards something which we do not yet know we need.

GENERAL ANTAGONISM’s iteration found here is then a sustained practice of writing in conversation that also sees reading as coextensive with writing as coextensive with thinking. Or as André Aciman puts it, “You write not after you’ve thought things through; you write to think things through.” Thinking the text not just as something which is always intertext, but is itself a social space, as Fred Moten would articulate, guides the principles of the writing found within.

GENERAL ANTAGONISM is currently looking for contributors to the substack as well, either for collaborative writings, a small series of writings, interviews, rants, polemics, explorations, etc. I will be moving to a subscriber model soon, with the occasional public post. However, if for any reason you are interested, but cannot swing 5 bucks a month feel free to reach out for a comped subscription. If interested email me at

GENERAL ANTAGONISM also accepts donations for the work I do here whenever you feel it necessary or deserved. My venmo is @evan-fusco and my paypal is If you would like to donate in other ways you can email me to talk it through (this could be books you think I’d find interesting, donations to different organizations, or even nice coffee). Donations will go both to support what I do here, but also in the future to pay contributors what they are owed for their intellectual labor.